The Suggestion Box — Your Turn!

If you have an idea about our life together at Trinity Parish, but you don’t know quite where to offer it, post it hear by commenting on this notice.  Remember:  your comment won’t appear until I’ve seen it, and if you don’t want others to see it, say that in your comment; then, I will see it, but will not allow others to do so.

3 thoughts on “The Suggestion Box — Your Turn!

  1. I think the post highlights the hunger many of us feel to walk the deeper Christian life. But the daily life dribbles away and I admit at evening that I failed again to sit and be quiet. I have trained myself to be out and about and busy. I cannot be a monk, and the spiritual friendships I know are beginners endeavors. But the call grows clearer. How to do this.

  2. I hope this is ok for me to post, I am a fan, not a member of your church. I was thinking that a blog post on why the Bible is a guide to salvation rather than a guide for social reform might be meaningful ?

    Best regards…..Gary

  3. As Catholics go, I am a big fan of Richard Rohr. His main problem is that he tries to fit, adapt and trim the Perennial Tradition (as he likes to call it) into the confines of the Catholic Catechism. Some of the ways he does his trimming is to deny the legitimacy of the some of the central and much earlier religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, specifically, by denying their realizaitions of karma and reincarnation.

    This trimming of the Perennial Tradition and the lack of respect for other religions that are based exclusively on the Perennial Tradition will, of course, never work because of the limitless nature of the Perennial Tradition.

    But Rohr is still a good place to start for Christians in general and Catholics in particular.

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