About Below the Surface

One of the things that has become a feature of modern life is the art of the electronic conversation.  Blogs of all shapes and sizes, along with tools like Facebook, provide an opportunity for an on-going dialogue about almost anything.  It isn’t the same as a phone conversation or face-to-face discussion.  But, it is a way of keeping the lines of communication open and nurturing the flow of ideas in a culture where people spend a lot of time with their computers, and where time demands are considerable.

So, I am providing this blog — I prefer to think of it as a forum — where the good people of  Trinity Parish in Menlo Park, CA, can have the opportunity to participate in on-going electronic conversations about — well, who knows!  We will take this journey together, and see what bubbles up from Below the Surface.

May God bless us all on this spiritual journey we share together.

Peace and blessings,


NOTE:   You are encouraged to post a comment on any article here.  Please know that your comment will not appear until I have read it.  If you wish to comment to me, but do not want it to appear for others to see, just note that in your comment, and I will see it but will not make it available to others.  Thanks!

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