The Day After

Yesterday was our full day in Santiago after finishing the Camino. We slept in a bit, had morning prayer, and then headed to the Cathedral to have our Pilgrim Credential verified and attend the Pilgrims’ Mass. It was interesting experiencing a liturgy that is basically familiar when it’s in a different language. The Spanish speakers among us were able to discern the basic point of the sermon: that one must always set aside time in one’s life to Camino–the first time we had heard Camino used as a verb! But it makes sense.

The only disappointment was that we did not get to experience the Butofumar, the world’s largest censer. There are various stories going around about when it is used, and I’m not sure what the real story is. But, perhaps not getting to see it is a sign that we are meant to return some day.

After dinner, we returned to our hotel for some down time, then enjoyed dinner together. After dinner, we met an old man on the street who was VERY happy to talk to us in Spanish and French. It seemed to concern the owners of the restaurant where we ate–perhaps he had a bit of a reputation! But, we thought he was great.

We concluded by sharing our reflections on ending this adventure together, and thinking about the stories we will carry with us–and the fact that we will never fully be able to share the experience with others. And we talked about the way in which this experience will always connect us.

Kate and I said “Adios” to Meg and the youth this morning as they headed to the airport. We took a train to Madrid, and then tomorrow we are on to Rome and then England. Our vacation is officially beginning, so there won’t be any more blog entries until August. Buen Camino, everyone!

One thought on “The Day After

  1. Thank you, Matthew. I have been with you in spirit every step and pause of the Way, with a smile on my face. xo Janis

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