So I’m sitting at the airport in Houston, having just learned that my flight home to San Francisco has been delayed two hours. What is a person to do?

Initially, of course, one is tempted to be irked, irritated, and otherwise unhappy. One is also tempted to blame someone for this suddenly announced inefficiency in the air traffic system. That is, in fact, the way many people do react, and the poor airline employees bear the brunt of it.

A part of me is tempted to react this way and, indeed, a part of me begins to do so. But the process of getting ticked off is interrupted by a small suggestion from somewhere within: there’s no need to be upset. This is an opportunity — an opportunity for spiritual practice.

An opportunity to breathe deeply, and be reminded by your breath of the Spirit within. An opportunity to recognize what can’t be controlled and surrender the desire to do so. An opportunity to find compassion for harried airline employees.

I’m grateful for that voice within that short-circuits my temptation to react by calling me out of reaction and into response.

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