A Blessing Prayer

Our lives are so full of words and opinions, that sometimes we forget what we can learn through listening deeply.  And this blog is quite full of my words and opinions — and sometimes I feel the need to share someone else’s.  This is one of those weeks, and so I share this prayer by Macrina Wiederkehr:  words that for me, at least, call us into a deep, listening silence:

Rise early
when morning darkness
still enwraps the trees.
Walk into the dark forest
with only your attentive heart.
Gaze toward the east,
take a breath, and wait.

After a short while you will see God
carrying a lantern through the forest,
bits of light bobbing up and down,
in and out,  higher and higher,
the light climbs, spilling over
into the spaces between the leaves
and on into the world
beyond the forest.

Then the beautiful darkness
hands you over to the light.
It slips away reverently
into the bark of the tree trunks,
into the black earth,
into all those other countries
that wait for its return.

Lift your face to the daystar now.
Experience the coming of the dawn.
Bathed in morning light, pray
that the lantern of your life
move gently this day
into all those places
where light is needed.

One thought on “A Blessing Prayer

  1. FR. Matthew, you preached in the great value of contemplative prayer and silence many times during your tenure in Knoxville. It was one of the most profoundly true lessons,among many, that I learned from you, and is the most important part of my day. Thanks , Matthew, for teaching me that, and thanks for publishing these words. They have been printed-off, and will be used my me, often..

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