Doubting Thomas

This coming Sunday we hear the Gospel story that we always hear on Sunday right after Easter:  the story of “Doubting Thomas”.   Thus, I offer the following poem, by Michael Harris.

Doubting Thomas Discovers His Brother

(John 20:24-29)

by Michael Harris

Suppose you were on an island,

The only island in the world,

Which would make that island the world.

And suppose you were the only person on that

Island world who could read letters, and know what they mean and

You were surrounded by people who could not

Read, but who wanted to hear your story,

Because you talked about your story in letters

(And you fascinated them, so they wanted to hear about You)

Which they could not read.

Suppose you told them your name was

Doubting Thomas and that you had a Twin Brother,

Who came back to prove to you that he had come back,

From something other than what he was before.

And when you told them this part of the story,
they said, “Tell Us More.” They then asked a profound question:

“Did he, your Twin, want you

To touch him where it hurt the most, so that

Touching him you touched yourself as well,

Knowing that the wound in the two of you

Was really the same wound?”

Then the man who could read began crying,

And said, “Yes.” It was the same wound in which

I discovered myself in my brother.”

Then the people on the island who could not read

Letters but who understood, began to attend to this


M. Harris © 2011

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