Early Service: Chapel or Church?

This was sent out as a letter to those who were identified as regular worshippers at the 8:30 service.

Dear Trinity Faithful Early Worshippers,

I am deeply grateful for the conversation we had in the midst of last Sunday’s 8:30 service about how worship in the chapel has been for you, and whether the 8:30 service should continue to take place in the chapel.  Those of you who shared your thoughts and feelings with the community spoke honestly and clearly, and with a generosity of spirit toward those with different points of view.  That was a gift to all of us.

As I have considered prayerfully what was said last Sunday, it seems clear to me that for many of you, worshipping in the chapel has been a sacred experience.  It also seems that the service has attracted more people since moving to the chapel, though there certainly may be other factors that have contributed to this.  It is also clear to me that there are a number of people who miss the opportunity to worship at an early hour, with the more traditional liturgy, in the main church, and for whom the chapel has not yet been experienced as a sacred space.

In reflecting on all of this, and after conversation about it with Frannie and Beth, I am proposing that, beginning in October, we have the 8:30 service on the first Sunday of the month in the main church, and that on the other Sundays of the month, the service take place in the chapel.  I believe that this schedule honors what I perceive to be the preference for the chapel of the majority, while also honoring those in our midst who wish to experience this liturgy in the main church on a regular basis.  I make no claim that this is the perfect solution.    I am hopeful, however,  that it will help all of you to feel that you have been heard and respected as valued members of Trinity Parish.

As always, I welcome your feedback.



One thought on “Early Service: Chapel or Church?

  1. I am excited about the possibilities. It would be refreshing and re-energizing to do this on a Wednesday evening , halfway through the week.

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